Friday Finds: 9 Dear Edmonton Visual Artists

Bridge Songs Dear Edmonton Visual Artists List Well friends, spring is in the air, summer is around the corner and for me that means one major project; Bridge Songs: Dear Edmonton.

We've got an entirely new Bridge Songs website coming very, very soon. In the meantime, today I'm letting the cat out of the bag and announcing our visual artists for Dear Edmonton. Musicians, writers and any other participating artists will be announced later, but here are the visual artists you can expect to see at Bridge Songs: Dear Edmonton on June 14!

Dear Edmonton Visual Artists

Adam Tenove

Crosswalk by Adam Tenove

"I usually paint scenes of the Edmonton cityscape, combining and experimenting with text, found objects and raw textures.  My subjects include the idea of “epiphanies”  and scenes that dwell on collective mindsets through every day things. I also maintain art community focused projects though “ellipsis” and an ongoing art critique blog, “the CRIT.” . Through these and many other pursuits I develop work aiming to challenge perception of our cities. urbanization and neighbourhoods." - from the Adam Tenove's online bio

Adam Tenove's skillfull paintbrush meets his playful exploration of words in his Dear Edmonton work. Adam has shared at the Arts Potluck in the past, has shown sculptural installation work at our #JusticeYEG Gallery, and we're happy to have him as part of the Bleeding Heart community.

View Adam Tenove's online portfolio at

Cheryl Muth

Cheryl Muth painting
An archived piece from Cheryl Muth's website

Painting is an important expression of my love for life. Between working as a nurse and raising a family, painting has always been a pleasure. It is a delight to find the individuality of a moment or a setting and capture it on canvas. - From Cheryl Muth's online bio

Cheryl Muth's paintings are alive with vivid colour. Cheryl has displayed work as part of Bridge Songs many times in the past, and we are excited to see how her eye perceives the urban Edmonton landscape.

You can view more of Cheryl Muth's work and order an piece at her website,

Julie Drew

Hazy Edmonton Day, by Julie Drew

Julie's landscape paintings have been seen in many Alberta Avenue events, like the Kaleido Festival, where she also teaches paper-making.

For Bridge Songs: Dear Edmonton, Julie has found beautiful landscapes within the city limits, in places like the Mill Creek Ravine, but she's also captured Edmonton's urban character. And snow.

View Julies vast collection of works on her website,, where you can also read Julie's reflections on art and faith, and find out where she is leading workshops.

Kayla Muth

Kayla Muth photograph

Kayla Muth is an emerging photographer, and does not have a website yet. Too bad, because from the work she has submitted for Bridge Songs, we like what we see.

Her images, like the one here of Edmonton's iconic Churchill statue, capture our city from a unique, skilled perspective.

We're looking forward to sharing new photographic works from Kayla Muth at Bridge Songs: Dear Edmonton!

Lucille Frost

We're excited to include works by multimedia artist Lucille Frost, whose work was featured as part of last year's Works Art and Design Festival.

Here is a video featuring that work.

A resident of the Alberta Avenue neighbourhood, Lucille has this to say about her Bridge Songs: Dear Edmonton work;

By making my work abstract it becomes no place and everyplace. I use specific textures and combinations of shapes to form images which are simultaneously familiar and surreal. In each of these paintings I am exploring the importance of a personal connection to a place, the figure in each piece is having a transformative experience with their environment. What exactly is the nature of the exchange occurring is what I allow viewers to decide for themselves, is it a transcendent enlightenment or an aggressive disturbance?

We Edmontonians know firsthand the struggle our climate can entail, but we are also intimately aware of the passion and determination it takes to make our lives in this place. - excerpt from the artist's submission statement

Marcie Rohr

The View From Above by Marcie Rohr

Anywhere But Here might sum up Marcie's Dear Edmonton work best. As Marcie struggles with her Edmonton identity, she wistfully longs for faraway places. But it is telling that these places are imagined and abstracted, more like dreams and memories than representations. Marcie knows that these places are out of reach, at least for now, and perhaps she also knows they are not likely so magical as they seem from afar.

Still, the spaces depicted in Anywhere But Here are lovely to visit, and I know you're going to enjoy her contribution to this year's Bridge Songs event.

You can view more of Marcie's work at

Sara French

Dear Driver, by Sara French

We're so pleased to include a comic from Harcourt House Artist in Residence, Sara French.

Sara's contagious enthusiasm for the local arts scene shines through in her soon to be released Arts & Culture XL newspaper about Edmonton's visual arts scene.

"Sara French experiments with a diverse range of themes and materials. Overtime, her methodology has become a multidisciplinary process that fundamentally involves performance art. " - from the artist's website

Discover the wide range of Sara French's work at

Stephanie Medford

Postcard by Stephanie Medford

With a website like, it is perhaps no surprise that our show includes local printmaker Stephanie Medford. But it is certainly a delight.

You will have seen Stephanie Medford's work at local maker's markets like the Royal Bison. For a while now, Stephanie has been printing iconic Edmonton images onto Edmonton maps, making postcard art.

You should also explore her Sketches of YEG tumblr. I'm a fan of the Dadeo's jukebox.

Wenda Salomons

01 August 23, 2013Wenda Salomon's current photo-a-day project is a departure from her other photography in many ways.

These works are taken on a smartphone - one of the newest forms of camera. Salomons is known for her pinhole work - the oldest, most primitive form of camera. These new images pop with vivid colour and sharp lines, where much of Salomons other work shows muted and monochromatic tones with blurred forms. Those works are far more abstract than these recent shots. Those works are shown in galleries. These one-a-day images are shown on Instagram. Until now.

We're so pleased to show Salomon's Instagram shots in our Dear Edmonton gallery. They may be different in many ways, but they are a testament to the same skilled eye for composition, and the same explorer's spirit that informs Wenda Salomons' pinhole work.

You can view Wenda's instagram work here, and the rest of her work on her artist website at


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