A Poem and a Pause for Ash Wednesday

Today is Ash Wednesday. It is the beginning of a season of the Christian Calendar called Lent. In Lent, we remember Jesus' journey towards The Cross - it's like an advent calendar for Easter. But instead of treats each day, we often deny ourselves something. It is a time of fasting and deep listening. A time of drilling down, as we approach the darkness and death of Good Friday, to ask ourselves what, this time around, must die. We also ask where we need new life. Where Resurrection will shine. Carl_Spitzweg_003-smallYou can read the scriptures for Ash Wednesday on the Vanderbilt site, where you'll also find prayers and artwork tied to the current or upcoming holy day or Sunday. The image in this post comes from that site.

Find the Ash Wednesday materials at http://lectionary.library.vanderbilt.edu/texts.php?id=23

This morning, considering the day, half reflecting and half fading back to sleep, I heard birds singing. Then I wrote this poem for Ash Wednesday.


I lie on the couch

as dead

When suddenly, outside

birds chirp a symphony

cheering me on towards morning

And all the strength I need

all the effort I could not muster

is laid upon my ears as the gift

of spring


And I arise


Spring is coming

behind a death

following a heavy burdened trudge

up the twisted hillside


the first tulips twitch to life

within their tombs


for death comes first

and we are all ashes

and dry bones

waiting to dance alive


waiting for the song of God





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