Friday Finds: Inspiring Art Projects

Having just embarked on our Grow Your Art Challenge, it’s encouraging to encounter the ambitious, beautiful projects of others. This week’s Friday Finds roundup brings together some of the work that has inspired me, locally and around the world, over the past few weeks.


Mural by Jill Stanton

This new Edmonton mural by local artist Jill Stanton adorns an office wall at FREE, spanning 60 feet, and it is beautiful. Thanks to this video, we can watch as it is created…

Poetry by Stephen Berg

I’ve posted poems by Stephen Berg before, but this one struck me as particularly stunning this week, as I evaluate my own life and direction in the “deep pre-dawn” of winter.

Read “Song in the Deep Predawn” at

Photography by Wenda Salomons

Images from Wenda Salomons 'one-a-day- Instagram project.

I’ve really enjoyed a beautiful image from Wenda Salomons every day in my Facebook feed. Wenda’s playful eye captures the hidden beauty, often of decay, in our fair city through her current 'one-a-day' Instagram project.

See these wonder-full images from Wenda on Instagram at

North America

Sacred Streets

This site-specific installation from artist Jason Leith engages LA’s infamous Skid Row in a conversation around justice and dignity. The project website offers this brief, but apt, description, "REDEMPTIVE PORTRAITS OF THE HOMELESS | HOUSED IN A SACRED SPACE ON SKID ROW | DISPLAYED AS A GIFT OF DIGNITY & BEAUTY”.

See the project in the video below, and at the project website at

Liminal Ground

Craig Goodworth is an installation artist and poet I had the pleasure of meeting at the Glen Workshop this past summer. I haven’t experienced his installation work in person, but I would love the opportunity. Here is a video on Craig’s massive installation, Liminal Ground.

You can see another video on this piece in its final incarnation, offering another perspective, here -


What would it look like to do public installation art in Afghanistan? Here is one more inspiring project that centres around art, beauty and justice.

So, big things are possible.

What project are you going to pursue this year as part of our Grow Your Art Challenge?

Also, please share any projects that have been inspiring you in the comments below.

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