Snow and Canadian Poets (poem by Stephen Berg)


The snow fell thick and fast yesterday, and it just wouldn't quit. Today we may feel smothered by the blanket of white. If that is you, perhaps some good poetry will help? Here is a poem for the snow, written by Edmonton poet Stephen T. Berg, and gratefully shared here with his permission. I recommend a warm cup of tea on the side.

Snow and Canadian Poets

by Stephen T. Berg

acorn, avison, birney, bringhurst all canadian poets speak of snow livesay, newlove layton, lightfoot it’s as though they were there when the meteors slammed into the earth kicking up clouds of sulfate, shrouding the great plains from sun a solar heat shield for the laurentian plateau cooling, cooling wallace, waddington watching, watching

and kroetsch on the lookout too sees that first atomic crystal crawl out from beneath a chondrite float up into the impact winter seeking comfort in a cold cloud colliding, coalescing determined hexagon fraternal deposition gluing vapour to vapour droplet to droplet spikes, columns, buttresses flesh gathering flight writes it down into his seed catalogue …how do you grow a snow flake? how do you grow a poet? wait, wait, wait then fall high up into the atmosphere

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