The Bleeding Heart Art Space curates a context for conversations, connections and creativity centered around art, faith, hope and love.

We are an art space, sacred space and community space all in one.

We curate a community that is engaging, inclusive, redemptive, local, and champions artistic excellence. We are awestruck.

Where It Happens


The Bleeding Heart is deeply tied to the arts revitalization movement of Alberta Avenue (118th Ave) in Edmonton, Alberta). This is the community we love.

We are delighted to share a space with Elm Catering, a vital contributor of Edmonton's food culture.

You can find us a 9140 118th Ave. 

For opening hours, please check our Exhibitions page.



Art speaks. Stop and listen. Open yourself to questions, conversations and connections. Engage. Wrestle. Create in response to creation. Invite surprise and awe. Seek out beauty and wonder. Simple can be sacred. Laugh and eat and make and play. Learn from children. Open doors and include people. Find beauty in their story. Accept their failures; we are all bleeding. Forgive and be forgiven. Love is powerful, so risk it. Love in the face of fear. Love the wrong people. Seek; you find what you look for. Truth, beauty and  redemptionare just down the street so know your neighbourhood. Love local. Walk often. Say hi and make eye contact. Shop your streets. Gather together. Make a meal, take a class and tend your garden. Serve. You have a song so sing it well. Never settle. Find the freedom in discipline. Refine your craft. Learn and teach. Give and ask for excellence,then give and ask for grace. Keep listening.

The Bleeding Heart Manifesto Booklet

Who We Are

The Bleeding Heart is led by Dave Von Bieker and a team of Bleeding Hearts. You can reach Dave by email at

Most of us live in the Alberta Avenue area, and are passionate about creating a space where art, the sacred and community can dance.

The Bleeding Heart Art Space is a project of Urban Bridge Church, a progressive Christian spiritual community seeking to "Bridge Christ and Culture". Urban Bridge Church supports this project with finances, prayer, passion, creativity and human resources.

You can contact Urban Bridge Church in the following ways;

Darrell Muth, Lead Pastor


PO Box 489
Edmonton AB
T5J 2K1