Your gift helps us love artists til' it hurts.

Art. Faith. Hope. Love. You care about these things. So do we. So let's team up. We're here to maintain an Art Space, Sacred Space and Community Space on Alberta Ave in Edmonton. We've got plenty of your heart, but we need your help to pay the bills.


Click the button to give online through St.Faith's Anglican Church and receive a tax-receipt. More details below.


Where your money goes

Artists get paid. Rent is covered. Lights are on and the space is heated. Ads run and promo is printed. Websites are hosted. Great food is on hand for openings. Workshop leaders make money. Special installations are commissioned. We've got plenty of heart, but all of this costs money, too. That's where you come in.   

Giving Through St. Faith's Anglican Church

St.Faith's is our local church family. Right across the road, in fact. Because you give through St.Faith's, a registered charity, you get a tax receipt for every donation. Which is awesome.

We couldn't be happier to be part of the St. Faith's community, because we all care about the about beauty, neighbourhood, and the Church has provided a Sacred Space here for decades.  St. Faith's cares for the marginalized with weekly meals. St.Faith's is a church recognized for social justice and acts of mercy. A church of Bleeding Hearts, you might say.