Do you know how
amazing you are?

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A thank you from
Dave Von Bieker, Founder and Arts Chaplain

Your gift means a whole lot. I don’t know if the money is a great or small sacrifice to you, but it is a big deal to me.

You’ve given more than money. You’ve given encouragement that we are in this together. You’ve given beauty to the world. You’ve given tangible support to an artist struggling to pay the bills. You’ve kept our lights on for another day. Another month. Another year. 

Art, faith, hope and love matter. The world always needs more beauty and more justice. That’w what your gift will bring. 

From the our whole team of volunteers, our team leaders, our artists and from the bottom of my Bleeding Heart. 


In hope, 

Dave Von Bieker

PS. If you'd like to grab a coffee to hear more about what your gift is making possible, email me at