Stories can be medicine for communities, for families and for individuals in the work of healing, reconciliation and building new and right relationships.

The Project Is Being Supported By A Generous $10,000 Grant
From The Anglican Foundation Of Canada.

Image taken at the opening ceremony, May 27, 2017

Image taken at the opening ceremony, May 27, 2017


The Diocese of Edmonton’s Indigenous Ministries Initiative and Bleeding Heart Art Space are collaborating with a number of local partners on a new public art installation, made possible by a grant from the Anglican Foundation of Canada.

The project will feature a large, colourful tree sculpture, inspired by the traditional Métis story, The Giving Tree, and be erected in an open field in the Arts District (92 Street and 118th Avenue, Edmonton). The tree will be a gathering place for story, ceremony and song, and will create a sacred space to further the work of reconciliation and healing.

From Saturday, May 27th until National Aboriginal Day, June 21st, visitors to the site will have the opportunity to download an app and listen to the voices of diverse indigenous and non-indigenous peoples sharing stories of healing, reconciliation, land and home. They will also discover opportunities to share their own stories and thoughts. The site will be accessible to the public on an on-going basis for the duration of the project.

A number of events are also scheduled:

  • Saturday, May 27th Opening ceremony 1-3 pm

  • Saturday, June 3rd Live, on-site story sharing 1-3 pm

Come and hear a variety of stories shared live, including those that inspired this project. Consider sharing a story of your own.

Join us and make colourful leaves for the tree. Share your thoughts and experiences about reconciliation and healing. The leaves will become a permanent part of the installation.

  • Saturday, June 17th Live music event 1-3 pm

Live music from a variety of local performers, including indigenous, non-indigenous and newcomer musicians.

  • Wednesday, June 21st (National Aboriginal Day) Closing ceremony followed by a feast 1-3 pm

All events are for all ages. For more information or to volunteer to help with the events visit

Get Involved

If you have a story of healing and reconciliation to share, whether between indigenous and non-indigenous people, or in another context, or to support the project in other ways, email


Our Partners

We are so grateful for the support we have received from our community partners. Without them, Medicine Stories would not be possible.