Kaleido Festival: Volunteer Care

  • 94th street, 118 Avenue Edmonton, Alberta Canada

Kaleido Family Arts Festival is a big deal. 60 000 people converge on 4 blocks of Alberta Avenue, and make art of every imaginable sort, on every imaginable space. Dancers on walls. Bands on balconies. Theatre in the alley and stages on the streets. 

All of this takes a LOT of volunteers to pull off, and those volunteers get tired. That's why, for the second year in a row, Bleeding Heart Art Space will caring for the volunteers by creating a volunteer oasis. A serene, sacred, snack-filled space in the midst of Kaleidoscopic chaos.

Want to help us create this space? Email dave@bleedingheartartspace.com to volunteer.

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September 5
Arts Potluck
November 13
Arts Potluck