Storm the Perfict Episode 10: Omar Reyes Makes Friends

On this episode Dave Von Bieker interviews Omar Reyes about interviewing other people.

Omar talks about his best–and worst–interviews, and imagines the perfect conversation.

You can read Omar's writing in Georgie Magazine, or on his blog at

The George Strombo Article

Omar's First Interview (with Forester)

Storm the Perfict Episode 9: Christy Morin Sculpts Community Blindfolded

Storm the Perfict Episode 9: Christy Morin Sculpts Community Blindfolded

In this episode of Storm the Perfict, I talk with Christy Morin, founder of Arts On The AveThe Carrot, the Kaleido Festival and more. Having lived in in Alberta Avenue for 21 years now, Christy knows what it takes to build community, and just how imperfect community can be. 

Storm the Perfict Episode 6: Stephen Berg's Poetic Imperfection

This week Dave talks to Edmonton poet Stephen Berg about the perfect poem, and the poetic beauty of imperfection. Stephen reads us a couple of poems, too. You can find Stephen Berg's excellent new book of poems, There Are No Small Moments at Audrey's here in Edmonton, or online from The Rasp and The Wine.

You can read Stephen's excellent blog, including many of his poems, at

Storm the Perfict Episode 5: Keith Walker Lives the Dream

In this episode I talk with glass blower Keith Walker, who owns his own studio, Blow in the Dark Glassworks. 

He's working full time, supporting his family as a glass blower, right from his own backyard. This is what so many artists think they want, but is it perfect?

Find out more about Keith's work at

Storm the Perfict Episode 4: Wenda Salomons Through the Pinhole

In this fourth 12 minute episode of Storm the Perfict, I chat with Wenda Salomons, an artist who works with pinhole photography. Learn how a pinhole camera is made, and how that medium led Wenda away from control towards the freeing beauty of imperfection.

Discover more work from Wenda at

featured image is Vessel, 6" x 12" silver gelatin print, 2009, by Wenda Salomons

Storm The Perfict Episode 3: Karla Adolphe Part 2

In this week's episode, I continue a conversation with Karla Adolphe about the perfect conditions for making music, and the seasonal nature of creativity. We talk about Karla's perfect album, her less-than-perfect album and the value of both.

Any creative will relate to Karla's struggle to know when to sand off the edges and when to run towards those wild edges. 

We'll also find out if Karla Adolphe wants 'a mulligan', and announce our next guest. 

Get Karla's perfect album, Honeycomb Tombs, for free right here. It is so, so good.

Storm the Perfict Episode 2: Karla Adolphe, People Pleaser

On this second episode of Storm the Perfict I talk with Karla Adolphe, a recording artist living in High River Alberta, about making music that pleases her, making music that pleases people, and the tension between.

We get to hear some of that music, with a recording of Karla from our last ArtLuck, playing her song 'Roll Away the Stone', co-writtenn with Aaron Strumpel.

Hear more of Karla's music at

This interview will continue in the next episode of Storm The Perfict.