Medicine Stories Audio Experience


Don’t Miss the Medicine Stories Audio Experience

Tâpwêwin. That is a cree word for truth that means to ‘speak from the heart’. Tâpwêwin asks us to quiet our own voices and assumptions and listen with open hearts, to connect our heads and our hearts and our spirits when we listen. It asks us for vulnerability and humility. 

For months, the team behind Maskihkîy Âcimowin / Medicine Stories have been collecting stories of reconciliation from a broad spectrum of Edmontonians. These storytellers are just waiting for you to listen, and now you can do that at any time on our installation site at 92nd street and 118th, with equipment you already have. 

The Medicine Stories Audio Experience is powered by Detour and your smartphone.

The Medicine Stories Audio Experience is an guided audio walking tour triggered by your smartphone’s location on the land. There are six listening stations on site, each holding a collection of stories around a theme. 

There are Land Stories, Women’s Stories, Residential School Stories, Identity and Belonging Stories and Action Stories. All of this begins with the story of The Giving Tree, as told by Leah Dorian. 

Here’s how the Medicine Stories Experience works.

We’ve created our Medicine Stories Audio Experience within Detour, a free smartphone app. After you download Detour, you search for “Medicine Stories Audio Experience” and download our tour. Now you are ready to head to the site at 92nd street and 118th ave. 

When you arrive on site, you’re guided by the in-app compass toward The Giving Tree, the first listening station, and then to each successive listening station (you can also jump to any listening station via the app’s “EXPLORE” menu). 

Each station includes an introduction, an image, and a collection of stories around a theme. There are signs on site for way-finding and stumps for sitting down for a longer listen. You are free to skip ahead, or move to another station whenever you like. 

Detour also allows you and a friend–or friends–to sync your experience, so you are all listening to the same audio at the same moment! 

Here’s how to make the most of the Medicine Stories Audio Experience.

What You’ll Need

  • An iOS or Android smartphone
  • A set of headphones
  • The free Detour app (you can find that right here)
  • A block of time - there’s well over an hour of content available, but you are free to listen to as much or little as time allows. We recommend at least 15 minutes to take in The Giving Tree and another story.

Detailed Instructions for the Medicine Stories Audio Experience

  1. Download Detour from your phone’s app store. In your iOS or Google Play App Store, search for “Detour”. Download the free app to your phone. 
  2. Download the Medicine Stories Audio Experience within the Detour App. Using the search function (click the magnifying glass above the word “Store” at the bottom of the app to open), search for “Medicine Stories Audio Experience”. Our ‘tour’ should come up right away. Click to download our tour. TIP - you can download these resources where you have wi-fi, to save on cellular data
  3. Open the tour by clicking on it - there will be a big green button near the bottom that says “Open”.
  4. Go to the Giving Tree to begin. If you are not on site, the app will tell you how far away you are. If you are on site, the app will tell you, in meters, how far to walk to get to the tree, and in which direction. Or, just look for the big tree in the middle of the field ;) 
  5. Your experience will begin automatically once you reach the tree. Actually, each listening station triggers within 10 meters of the station, so it may begin before you get there. From this point, just listen and follow the guidance offered by voice and on-screen in the app. You’ll be walked from station to station.
  6. Explore at your own pace. It’s likely you won’t have time to take in all of the listening stations in one visit. That’s fine. You can click a point in the list at the bottom of the app and jump to that station by asking the app to “Take me there”. Once the tour is running, you’ll see an “Explore” menu in the upper left of the app, which you can click to make the same choices. 
  7. Capture your experience. Detour allows you to capture a photo or make a note at any point along the tour. These are accessible in the “Timeline”. The icon for “Timeline” is a line graph, and you’ll find it at the bottom of the screen from the Detour app’s home screen. This “Timeline” allows you to revisit the tours you’ve taken, see how much time you’ve spent, and any memories you’ve captured along the way. You may want to share some of your photos or experiences online. Please remember to use the hashtag #medicinestories when you do, so we can find what you share, too! 

Medicine Stories closes on June 22, so don’t miss this.

The Medicine Stories Audio Experience is a truly unique opportunity to experience real, difficult but inspiring stories of reconciliation in our city. Tell everyone you think might be interested, visit yourself and bring friends to experience these stories together.